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The Gazuntite 2018

So we didn’t get the chance to run The Hillary this year,¬†and instead were offered a Trump the Gazuntite! I won the entry for the 34k last year during the post-Hillary prize giving. I had never run more than a half marathon at the time,¬†pushed a lot during the 16k (my first trail event) and […]

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The Riverhead Rampage 2018: I’ll be back

You know you are going to have a great time when them sponsor of the race is a brewery. Kudos to Hallertau for hosting the prizegiving and quenching our post-race thirst with seriously good beers. But let’s take a step back and start by thanking Wild Things NZ and The Riverhead Rampage team for giving […]

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Trail running by yourself: don’t be stupid!

While I really enjoy road running in a group, especially paced ones, I absolutely love trail running by myself. And even during events, I often find myself alone, which really makes me happy. There is this sense of freedom when you are in the middle of what seems to be “nowhere”, but I also enjoy […]

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